Detroit Style Pt. 3 - Trial Phase

So we have been running a few more trial batches and I think we are ready to ship some pizza out next week.

To keep things simple we will start with 2 flavors, Detroit Red (cheese, sauce) and Pepperoni (it's US imported pepperoni, pricier but better).

For comparison, in the US a large Detroit style standard size pizza is 10x14 inch. Our baking pans are about 20% bigger and our dough is roughly 20% thicker as well to give you even more fluffy crumb and crispy crust.

We cut each pizza into 4 large rectangular slices. Each quarter is roughly the equivalent of a round 11 inch thin crust pizza in weight. I figure one quarter per adult should do but that's just me.

We fully bake the pizza, quarter it and immediately freeze it. All you need, is an oven (toaster oven & air fryer work as well) to enjoy a Detroit style pizza with a crispy crust and fluffy crumb. No oven? Don't despair, use Antonio Falco's heating a pizza in a pan method (link at the bottom). I figure microwave also works, haven't tried it yet.

Due to the nature of Detroit style pizza, it reheats beautifully. It might make it even better, as the bottom crisps up even more than fresh out of the oven. Not even sure which one I prefer.

Trial batch pricing:
Detroit Red $250/quarter
Pepperoni $325/quarter

Detroit Red $960/whole pan (free shipping included)
Pepperoni $1'260/whole pan (free shipping included)

You can mix and match 4 quarter slices for free shipping. Any order less than 4, we will charge a shipping fee of $200 (it's delivered by refrigerated trucks). Remember the pizza is frozen and cut in quarters, as long as you leave it in a freezer it will keep for several months (we would recommend to finish it within 3 months to ensure best quality). And sharing is caring, so why not order with friends or gift them a delicious Detroit style slice of heaven?

Still think a whole pan is too much but want free shipping? Just order any bag of burritos with any number of slices and shipping is on us. Even better, order a whole pan (4 quarters) + any burrito bag and get an additional $100 off the total. Check out our super convenient burritos options @

Note: We are quite happy with the results so far. Pls consider that we are still testing and that there might be batch to batch variations. We are tweaking the flour composition and also the mix of cheeses amongst other things.

Let us know what you want to order and we will send you a custom order link through our website. First come, first serve.

Antonio Falco's heating a pizza in a pan method. Thaw the pizza prior to reheating. Click here for the illustration.

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