Heating a Frozen Burrito

For me the ideal heated burrito is crispy on the outside and hot and steamy on the inside.


All our burritos are individually wrapped in baking paper. That means you can heat them without unwrapping, no matter what heating method you use.


By far the best result you will get if you defrost the burrito in the fridge overnight and then pop it in the oven (20min. 180C) or toaster oven (2 x 4-5min. turn once).


If you got no patience or time for defrosting in the fridge you can use the defrost mode on the microwave (in my 800W MW I heat in the defrost mode for 1.5min., then turn and heat another 1.5min.). Then proceed with the oven method above.


If you want to heat your burrito directly from frozen, you can use the microwave (in my 800W I heat 1-1.5min. at full power, turn and another 1-1.5min.) or do 40min. 180C in the oven. In the toaster oven it will be 2 x 8-10min., turn once if you are using a baking tray, I recommend to heat directly on the oven rack, it's faster and you don't need to turn the burrito halfway. If you overheat the burrito your burrito might become wet as a lot of liquid will release from the filling. Just reduce the heating time next time.


Pro tip - microwaving from frozen is the fastest but doesn't give you a crispy outside. If you got another minute, heat a pan on your stove without any oil and give the burrito from the microwave a quick crisping up on both sides. No need to unwrap the burrito, remember it's baking paper. This minimizes your clean up and your hands won't get greasy :-)


So what method do I normally use? It depends. If I have planned ahead and defrosted the burrito overnight I usually take the oven. More often than not I did not plan ahead. So the microwave is what I use most often, combined with a quick crisp up in the pan if I feel like it.



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