Heating Instructions Detroit Style Pizza

A few tips independent of the heating method:

  • Defrost pizza on counter if you have time
  • The pizza is already fully baked, so you only need to warm it up and re-crisp the crust
  • Keep the heating as short as possible to avoid too much browning of the cheese, it will dry it out
  • If the pizza is still cold inside and the cheese very dark, you can loosely tent the pizza with aluminum foil
  • Every oven is different, adjust times and temperatures where necessary
    • If the pizza burns, turn down the temperature and/or lower the rack position (if the top burns)
    • If the pizza is cold in the middle, extend the time. In my experience if the outside is hot and the inside is still cold but not frozen, it only takes a few more minutes to heat up throughout


Conventional Oven

Preheat oven to 200C with the baking tray if you have one

Bake pizza for 10-15min without convection, with bottom and top heat, on middle rack

Enjoy the crunch and the fluff


Toaster Oven

Preheat toaster oven at half power setting* with the baking tray

Bake pizza for 10-15min at half power setting*

Enjoy the crunch and fluff

*I tested with a 1200W toaster oven, adjust accordingly



No preheat necessary

Bake pizza for 10-15min at 180C

Enjoy the crunch and fluff



Check out Antonio Falco's heating a pizza in a pan method. You should defrost the pizza for this method.