About Us

We had been dreaming about burritos, specifically breakfast burritos for months. When we finally made some and had some leftovers, We threw them in the freezer. Ever since we have been enjoying burritos for breakfast, lunch & dinner and as a snack in between. That's when we thought about sharing our burrito love.

We make premium, handmade burritos, frozen for your convenience. We have spend endless hours optimizing our recipes and ate countless burritos to bring you the best tasting frozen burritos we can possibly make, so that you can enjoy a burrito anytime, anywhere with LX Burritos!

Our burritos are easy to heat up in an oven or toaster oven; when you are pressed for time even in a microwave ( I know, I know who has time these days :-) ). For details and additional heating methods see our FAQ heating instructions.

We only use premium ingredients and prepare the fillings with appropriate seasoning and proper western cooking techniques. No canned food and no preservatives, promised!

LX Burritos is the brainchild of VIGNA 1271 gastropreneur Dai-Won. Now managed by his team of Burrito Guys and Gals, Jeff, Michelle, Zac & Una.