Smoked Short Rib Burritos!

So we happened to have some smoked short ribs lying around.



What to do, what to do?

We wouldn't want to pass up this golden opportunity to wrap it into a burrito, right? Yeah, didn't think so!

We took the smoky short ribs and spiced them up with 4 kind of chillis (New Mexico Red, New Mexico Green, Chipotle, Habanero), wrapped'em up in a wheat tortilla with pineapple salsa, mature cheddar, fajita style veg, beans & rice.

And bam, resulting burrito is not super spicy, pretty moderate actually but packed with flavors.

Amp it up with Anita's Hot Sauce, we got the tangy Classic, the fruity Tropical Storm and the kick ass spicy Torcher.

We only had enough for 9 packs so get it while you can. Buy here!

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